You ever notice that the people you tend to argue with the most are the ones you care most about? Your lover, you mother, your father. So why is there an argument? They want what’s best for you and what they are saying to you they are saying out of love. They want to see you succeed to prosper and rise above the bullshit. Then what happens when there is no one there to argue with you anymore? See those loved ones gave you options. And In life options are always good. As a man with no one left to argue with I just want to say, listen to what they are telling you, really hear it and acknowledge it in your mind and heart. Because without loved ones you easily become lost. And some so lost they will never be found again.



One day I will
There is no doubt
I’ll climb this hill
And from atop it shout….

What do you want ?

Why am I here?
Why must you taunt?

It’s only you I fear!

You take and you take
Till I’m bare and withered

I should have seen the snake

For upon me it slithered.

So vicious and cunning

Absolutely breathtaking

Some might even say stunning
Never could I believe you were faking.

Until your poison

Stopped my heart

You took my boys n

Tore us apart!

Alone in my world

Lost in my mind

My feelings whirled

So I left them behind

Now broken and tattered
Days seem to drag
When’s the last time I mattered?

Fuck it I raise the white flag.

You win
I lose
You pick
I choose




Tom riddle

Tom riddle

I'm a 36 year old mason. I have 3 kids who I cherish and an amazing puppy named Wally. I love writing, drawing and most of all learning.