Everything your about to read is nothing more than my personal opinion based off my real life experience. Its all just perception of reality.

This legal system that we have in place is seriously flawed. The criminals are wearing $1000 suits, playing golf, and taking the rights and freedoms of men and women who have done nothing more than the exact same thing they are doing. Our prisons are full of non violent offenders(drug dealers) as they are labeled. And our streets are polluted with rapists, child molesters, kid nappers and murderers. A man goes to jail for life for selling drugs but a child molester is walking the streets in 2–5 years. Our judges and lawyers are stealing our freedoms for profit. So they can have a cheap labor force and make sure no one is stepping on the pharmaceutical drug pushers toes. Why is it ok for them to shove all these pills down our throats and make millions off killing us but they never see a day In jail. Or how about the people who are trafficking kids and women? Who do you think is buying these kids and women? It’s not the poor I’ll tell you that. The wealthy are the true criminals. They feed us this propaganda non stop to brain wash us into thinking we need this or that. They make us believe they are doing what’s best for us but they are only worried about what sells. There is no justice for them. They along with the entire judicial system find themselves above the laws that they rob us of our freedoms for not following. The 1000s of laws they have made to protect their fortunes. There is only one law that everyone need follow and that is the golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. To be continued



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